Pad Inputs

.gform_wrapper input[type="text"], .gform_wrapper input[type="url"], .gform_wrapper input[type="email"], .gform_wrapper input[type="tel"], .gform_wrapper input[type="number"], .gform_wrapper input[type="password"], .gform_wrapper textarea{padding:2px 2px!important; font-size:100%!important}
.ginput_complex input,.ginput_complex select{margin:8px 0 0; font-size:100%!important}


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  1. a quick solution would be to use GF's conditional logic. Its a checkbox for every GF field. Just create a section break before and after the second address set, then give the section break above it a condition like this: If checkbox is checked (don't remember exact wording) then do not show.

    So when you click the checkbox, the second address set will just disappear. To get the functionality you want you would need to write some javascript or use jQuery to populate the second address set.

  2. Hi, Thanks for all tweaks. all of it helps lot.
    I got a problem with my form. Please help me here.
    I have a form where i want to take billing address from users.
    i have added an address field labeled it to : "Contact Address"
    i have added another field labeled it to: "Billing Address"

    Now what i want is that, both field are in same page. i want to add a checkbox field labeled "Same as Above".
    When user clicks on the checkbox, contact address field's value will appear in Billing address field. user don't need to type it again. How it possible. Please help.