Populate dynamically hook

add_filter('gform_field_value_your_parameter', 'my_custom_population_function');
function my_custom_population_function($value){
return 'boom!';


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  1. I don't see why not believe it's possible, could be a moderate amount of php programming involved.

    I would do a file upload field, maybe attach it to a post as shown in this post:


    Use a submit hook as here: add_action('gform_post_submission', 'gravity_forms_handler', 10, 2);

    Then parse the csv, or do whatever you need to with it using php

  2. Working on our project mobiyotta.com. Is it possible to read in a csv file (inputted via gravity forms) and then put in the contents into sql database. In the same form then read back the database elements and show them in a list for editing.

    So essentially want to create an editor of contents in csv file....

  3. I would definitely take a javascript route on that one. Sorry but I don't have an easy solution off the top of my head

  4. Hi Adam J, can you tell me i want to copy the value of Total field that calculates the products price automatically in Gravity Form, into another field in the same form.